Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social media is the cheapest yet most effective way to market your services or products. This is a guide for those who just started a business.


Market Research

All great plans start with research. It’s a vital part of your social media marketing plan because it will give you insights on how to implement your strategy.

First is your demographic. Under what particular niche or group of people is your product or service intended for? This data will help you plan on how to present your marketing content.

Second is your target market’s location. This will help you pick out the most viable platform to market your product or service. Every country or area in the world has a dominant social media platform; use this to your advantage.


Trade Name that Leave a Mark

Notice how all the global brands and those up and coming start-ups have short, easy to remember names that leave a mark? Well guess what, it’s easier to build a trademark if people have something to remember you easily.

The ideal trademark is based on the principle that guides your product or service. Something that when people hear would always remind them of your product. It should be able to stand out and leave a mark on your market but don’t try to force it.

With that said, your handle – or username whichever you prefer, should make people remember your product or service. When your name becomes synonymous with the product or service that you offer, that’s when you know that your marketing strategy is working.


Building Your Brand

It’s important that you are able to say what you want with your trade name.  The best brands are based on a principle for which they stand and a vision that they want to achieve as to why they are doing what they do.

Having a vision and mission helps you a lot in determining how to best proceed with your marketing strategy after the initial stages. Your guiding principles should be clear to your target market so that they know you are sincere in what you do.

Building your brand is based on your company’s core values and how you present your content to your target market.



Aside from great products and services, consistency is the key to gaining new followers and potential customers. If they can see that you are active in the social media community, it’s an indicator that you have a presence.

Post consistently about your products and services but don’t overdo it. It is important that your followers are always able to see you every time they open their social media accounts but not to the point that they get annoyed because you post too much.

Try to find the right amount of posts per day or per week. On one hand, it is important to post content regularly for your followers to feel your presence. But on the other hand, it is also important to limit your posts so that your followers won’t get too annoyed because of you flooding their feed.

The point of posting consistently is to be able to drive traffic into your page and make your products and services as visible to the community as possible.



It is imperative that you interact with your potential and existing customers.

They’ll feel that you are really there for them and would go the extra mile. They love it when you answer their messages. They feel important – and that’s what matters most.

You should be able to make your customers feel like kings and queens – but not to the point that you tolerate rude or spoiled behavior. You should always tend to your customer’s needs as often as you can. Customers having that confidence that you will be there when they need you is a big factor both for landing new potential customers.

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Key Take-Away

Social media brings in a new perspective for up and coming businesses to be able to compete in the marketing aspect.


  • Cheap – You won’t need a huge amount of money to market your business to T.V. and radio stations. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go
  • Effective – As long as you have a plan to implement and you’ve done your research, your social media marketing plan would without a doubt be effective in generating leads for your business.
  • Easy to use – It can be as easy as handling your personal account especially if you spend much time online and you can have fun handling it.
  • Free – Aside from the internet connection and computer/phone that you’ll be using, Social Media Marketing is free.


Times have changed and we’re now in a digital revolution. Use these tips to get your Social Media Marketing strategy off the drawing board and into the business world.

Remember to keep researching and supplementing your initial plan to ensure that you are keeping up with the pace of social media evolution and to keep your business ahead of competitors.

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