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The L Marketing Group

At the L Marketing Group we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their business development goals by focusing on 4 major areas of online marketing. Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reputation Management and Online Advertising. From highly effective and state of the art SEO campaigns that successfully build both exposure and traffic, to engaging social media and video marketing campaigns, at the L Marketing Group we get your business the exposure it needs, allowing you to turn more visitors into leads and potentially clients.

  • Segmenting Targeting Positioning (STP-model)
  • Keyword Research and Competition Analysis
  • Implementing quality SEO strategies
  • Reputation Marketing
  • 2-way symmetrical model based marketing
  • Viral Social Media marketing strategies
  • Maximize ROI by adapting to market developments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Our SEO services are designed to go hand in hand with your business development and marketing strategies. Depending on your needs for local SEO, metropolitan SEO, national SEO or e-commerce SEO or industry specific search engine marketing strategies such as Medical SEO, including Dental SEO and plastic surgeon SEO as well as Fashion SEO and Celebrity SEO, our Account Executives will help put together a strategy that is tailored to your business needs, depending on your industry and business type.
Our SEO services includes: 

  • Monthly Traffic Consultations
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Targeting
  • On-page Optimization
  • Google Places Optimization & Citation Integration
  • Content Optimization & Site Structures
  • Monthly Link Building Strategies
  • Social Media Linking Strategies



Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. Marketing has always been a crucial part of a business. Good companies have become great on the sheer basis of effective marketing strategies. In the era of huge competition, organizations are going great length to advertise and promote their products and earn valuable customer loyalty. The concept of marketing has kept evolving with the passage of time. Companies are forced to adopt new changes in their marketing strategies to remain relevant. In the new century, the marketing tools of earlier years were rendered obsolete. Those who manage to anticipate the changes and adopt them quickly have better chances of survival. Social media marketing is one such great change that many companies have started to accept in a big way. The concept of social media …

Video Marketing


Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can be used for the promotion of an online business. It is based on the concept that people find it easier to sit back and watch things rather than take the pain of reading long lengthy paragraphs. The visual aids make things more comfortable and easy to grasp- which in turn helps the people remember you too! The best way to do video marketing is by making a short video and explaining all the relevant points in a clear and concise form.

YouTube may be the most popular video outlet on the internet, but it isn’t the only one. There are many more sites that support video and video marketing. While YouTube has some restrictions, many of these other sites don’t have any restrictions. Oftentimes sites allow you to upload videos for free and you are able to make your videos with equipment you…


Web Development


We understand that the quality of your website has a direct and significant impact on the success of your business. Every component of web development needs to be carefully considered and skillfully implemented with. Our team has the expertise, experience and ability to solve complex business challenges by putting your business goals, strategic & marketing objectives at the core of our development by utilizing our technical knowledge, domain expertise, methodological processes etc.

Our highly-skilled team will consult with you to understands your business objectives to deliver specific solutions that will work best for you. We demonstrated successfully designing and implementing software solutions with that improve business functionality and increase corporate profitability. We implement technologies that decrease costs, increase performance and 


Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management Your online reputation is the most underestimated part in your marketing mix. Must consumers today research your company and product online before making a decision. Having a FIVE STAR ranking on Google and Yelp is the deciding factor for people that are finalizing their decision on a purchase. Keeping in mind that the higher the price of the purchase the more important your online reputation becomes. Here at LMG we take your online reputation very serious. And so should you. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to best improve your online reputation.