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As social media company in Los Angeles we at LMG specialize in social media marketing and influencer marketing to grow our clients social media influence and website traffic. Our Los Angeles social media marketing services offer companies in Los Angeles and nation wide a selection of social media service to connect with their ideal customers and build a solid social media presence in Los Angeles  and world wide. When focusing on trending Los Angeles social media strategies there are severaly aspects to consider.

social media Los AngelesWho is your target market in Los Angeles?

It is important to do the necessary research with the focus on finding out what Los Angeles social media trends are best for your type of product or service. Depending your business and products some social media networks might be more suitable than others. This will largely depend on your target market and industry you are in.

Targeted social media marketing in Los Angeles

Once you have established the primary social media networks to focus on, it is time to dive into strategy and how to combine the social media networks. i.e Facebook Twitter Polyvore with your ideal social media engagement strategy.

Los Angeles social media strategies

Once you have all the information about your customers social media behavior sorted out it is time to actually design a strategy and plan of action to get the most out of your social media marketing.





Our Social Media Marketing Services

As a social media marketing company LMG can help you get more customers to you business in Los Angeles and world wide or at any location you choose by using advanced Social Media strategies for customers acquisition and customer engagement with tools that help you up-selling and cross-selling strategies to maximize your profits.


Facebook Marketing



Why Facebook?

Facebook MarketingSocial Media Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. With over 1.1 Billion users world wide Facebook is the biggest social media network available. Our Facebook marketing services focus on both new customer acquisition as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers. By utilizing Facebook Apps and micro-targeting advertising.


Quality Facebook Fans

Building a quality list of Facebook Fans is one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. We will grow your Facebook following by attracting targeted and quality followers to your Facebook page. With the help of Apps and active HTML pages on your Facebook page we can even build an attractive referral campaign for your products and services that makes your message go viral.

Turn your Followers into Customers

Adding engaging Facebook applications to your Facebook page and rewarding them to visit your local or online store will help you increase your sales very fast.


Additional Facebook Services

iFrame page development: Facebook allows you to integrate webpage html & iFrame content with your Facebook page. These Pages show up on your app section of your Facebook page and are great ways of adding website elements such as complex graphics landing pages or squeeze pages to your Facebook page and by that making your Facebook page more responsive for your advertising and marketing efforts.

Facebook app development: we can develop specific Facebook Apps for your Facebook page, that will increase the viral nature of social media by increasing with sharing voting and other action based social media advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Advertise your products and offers (Apps and HTML pages) with Facebook adds to attract more customers.

SEO for Facebook

Rank your Facebook page on the top of the search engines with our on-site, off-site and local SEO for Facebook.




YouTube marketing Los Angeles

Why Use Video Marketing?

As the leading online video sharing company Youtube has over 1 Billion unique users world wide. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Posting a video about your company, product or services on YouTube has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers.

SEO for YouTube videos

Youtube videos have become a very effective marketing and advertising tool. specially throughout the past year as Google new algorithm favors Video over any other site. YouTube is not only the most popular online video site but it is also owned by Google. After the acquisition of YouTube Google slowly started adapting its search algorithm to favor YouTube videos. After the latest algorithm change (Hummingbird) videos will rank higher than any other web property as long as certain optimization aspects are met by the video.


On-page optimization:

Title optimization (up to 5 major related Keywords), keyword targeting text and interlinking, keyword tags

Off-page optimization:

In addition to regular off-page SEO strategies YouTube video off page SEO signals also

Interaction signals:

A vital pare for video marketing and SEO are increasing “View”, “Likes” and “Comments” and Subscribers of your YouTube videos and channel These can be increased by advertising the video.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Los Angeles


Why Twitter Marketing?

Twitter has become the most quoted information source for pop culture and news as it is the fastest way of sharing
important news to your following. There are 200 million active users on Twitter and those users send an average of 400 million Tweets every day. From your newest mobile app to a popular event. Getting your message heard and retweeted on twitter is a very effective way of broadcasting your message and increasing you social influence.

Our Twitter Services inlcudes

Increasing your Twitter Followers

We will help grow your twitter following by using several proven twitter marketing strategies including conversation targeted campaigns.

Hash Tag Marketing for Twitter

Through targeted hashtag enabled conversations we will be able to increase your Twitter following by using Twitter marketing strategies such as hash tag marketing to get more targeted followers to your Twitter page.

Conversion marketing for Twitter 

By using interlinking and engagement strategies as well as social media contests we will be able to increase the amount of your Twitter followers that convert into regular customers.





Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Los Angeles


Pinterest Collection1What is Pinterest?

Pinterest describes itself as a tool for discovering things you love, and doing those things in real life. Compared to other social media sites Pinterest is a social media community where people share their pictures about things their are passionate about.

How can you use Pinterest?

You can like share and follow peoples pictures, infographics, instructographic. Pinterest is a very good tool for business that sell products online and offline. By sharing pictures and videos on this social media site you can create a great buzz about your products. Pinterest can seem like a hybrid of the combined approaches of Twitter and Facebook.

Why Pinterest is so popular

On Pinterest, you have a continuous feed of the people whom you follow. The thing that’s different about Pinterest is that if you know someone who is really reliable about pinning great content, you can go to their account because you know they are a great source. Those pins will be there within that board forever, until they take them down or decide to delete them. Pinterest is more like Twitter than Facebook, because with Facebook you’re not likely to see everything that someone posts in a day within your newsfeed. It depends on how many accounts you follow and how active they are.

Who should use Pinterest?

If you are running a business that has very visually products or products and services that are visually interesting Pinterest can be a great addition to your customers social media experience.

Our Pinterest Marketing service includes

Account Setup, Creating new Pinterest boards for your brand or products, Engagement service (Pins and Likes)




Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram is making headlines daily. From Celebrities to local business everyone is using Instagram. As most quoted image sharing source in today’s culture, it has become the fastest way of sharing important information with your fans. There are over 500 million active users on Instagram that are uploading an average of 80 million Pictures every day. The main benefit of Instagram is clearly the possibility to connect with people directly on their Smart Phones, as Instagram has specifically been designed only to work on mobile devices. Instagram is therefore a very effective way of getting your message broadcast to your current and future customers, while at the same time increasing your social influence.

    Building a solid following is the key to promoting your business on Instagram marketing. In addition to building your following influencer marketing has also proven to be a very effective form of Instagram marketing. Connecting with your ideal customer base is the most important part of Instagram marketing.

    Our targeted research helps you connect with several hundred TARGETED Instagram users a week. These are targeting Instagram users who have already shown interest in your type of products or services. Increasing Instagram Followers We will help grow your Instagram following by using several proven Instagram marketing strategies including our Instagram research tools to find you targeted users that are interested in what you have to offer.

    Connect with active Instagram users is the most important factor of Instagram marketing. Instagram #Hashtag Marketing Implementing the right hashtags and hashtag ration in your Instagram marketing, gives you the opportunity to be found by other instagram users that are interested in your products. The key is to use the right hashtags. Through targeted hashtag research we will be able to increase your Instagram following and even be able to increase your website traffic directly.

  • instagram marketing Los Angeles


Polyvore Marketing

Polyvore marketing Los Angeles social media


Polyvore is one of the most original and forward thinking companies in the world of technology and social media This global community has over 20 million monthly visitors and centers around fashion, interior design and artistic expression “sets”, or visual layouts, among other themes. A set is the perfect marketing tool that blends art and creativity with brand awareness in a virtual world of social commerce. It can even be posted to a variety of blogs, “pinned” on Pinterest and linked to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and essentially connect your products to an infinite amount of social platforms. Make Polyvore the marketplace for your brand of products and see traffic flow jump to a whole new level on your company website.


Our Polyvore marketing services includes creating your Polyvore page and build brand awareness by creating “sets” and collections with your inventory. With Polyvore community’s involvement is paramount when it comes to growing your business and get the community to recognize and interact with your brand.As part of our Polyvore management we will interact with other Polyvore community members’ sets while also using hashtags to create set topics and involve members to view each of your Polyvore sets. Once we’ve established your Polyvore site we will also market the Polyvore sets we’ve created on other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and any other sites you wish to advertise your brand on.  We will leave comments, tag friends/followers, use hashtags and create trendy topics that will connect people and businesses to your line of products.

polyvore social media marketing Los Angeles