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Pinterest Marketing Services

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Pinterest Collection1What is Pinterest?

Pinterest describes itself as a tool for discovering things you love, and doing those things in real life. Compared to other social media sites Pinterest is a social media community where people share their pictures about things their are passionate about.

How can you use Pinterest?

You can like share and follow peoples pictures, infographics, instructographic. Pinterest is a very good tool for business that sell products online and offline. By sharing pictures and videos on this social media site you can create a great buzz about your products. Pinterest can seem like a hybrid of the combined approaches of Twitter and Facebook.

Why Pinterest is so popular

On Pinterest, you have a continuous feed of the people whom you follow. The thing that’s different about Pinterest is that if you know someone who is really reliable about pinning great content, you can go to their account because you know they are a great source. Those pins will be there within that board forever, until they take them down or decide to delete them. Pinterest is more like Twitter than Facebook, because with Facebook you’re not likely to see everything that someone posts in a day within your newsfeed. It depends on how many accounts you follow and how active they are.

Who should use Pinterest?

If you are running a business that has very visually products or products and services that are visually interesting Pinterest can be a great addition to your customers social media experience.

Our Pinterest Marketing service includes

Account Setup, Creating new Pinterest boards for your brand or products, Engagement service (Pins and Likes)