Polyvore Marketing Services


Polyvore Marketing Services

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Polyvore is one of the most original and forward thinking companies in the world of technology and social media This global community has over 20 million monthly visitors and centers around fashion, interior design and artistic expression “sets”, or visual layouts, among other themes. A set is the perfect marketing tool that blends art and creativity with brand awareness in a virtual world of social commerce. It can even be posted to a variety of blogs, “pinned” on Pinterest and linked to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and essentially connect your products to an infinite amount of social platforms. Make Polyvore the marketplace for your brand of products and see traffic flow jump to a whole new level on your company website.


Our Polyvore marketing services includes creating your Polyvore page and build brand awareness by creating “sets” and collections with your inventory. With Polyvore community’s involvement is paramount when it comes to growing your business and get the community to recognize and interact with your brand.As part of our Polyvore management we will interact with other Polyvore community members’ sets while also using hashtags to create set topics and involve members to view each of your Polyvore sets. Once we’ve established your Polyvore site we will also market the Polyvore sets we’ve created on other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and any other sites you wish to advertise your brand on.  We will leave comments, tag friends/followers, use hashtags and create trendy topics that will connect people and businesses to your line of products.

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