Video Marketing Secrets

The Hidden Secrets of Video Marketing

video marketing strategyWe all know that videos are the best way to introduce your business to the world. Most people retain 95% of the content of a video while only 15% of what they read in text. It is estimated that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Yet up until now hardly any mainstream business has capitalized on the true power of video marketing…


Video Search Marketing

“Being found on Google” (SEO) has become a world wide billion dollar industry yet having your video on the first page of Google for all your important search terms (keywords) seems to be a mystery even for the most advanced SEO companies. And there are several reasons for this as Google decided back in 2006 to favor YouTube in its search algorithm but only based on interaction and social signals. These aspects for ranking a YouTube video on Google have become even more dominate after the Hummingbird update (September 2013) and the resent Panda 4.0 (on 19th July 2014).

Specializing both in search engine marketing and social media marketing we cracked the YouTube code early on and are help Companies across the nation and world wide with their video marketing and video search marketing…. 

Here an example of one of our own top video rankings on Google

#1 of 61 Million competing sites

(screen-shot form July 21st 2014)
IM video ranking1

How can your business benefit from video search marketing?

Video Marketing Youtube marketingIn November 2006 YouTube LLC was purchased by Google and since then Google has slowly started to prioritize YouTube Videos in each update of its search algorithm. As YouTube videos allow more ranking signals than regular websites and YouTube in itself has extremely high page rank itself Videos will always out ranking any website if all other aspects are the same. After a high number of criticism Google included other video sites such as Vimeo in its latest algorithm update Hummingbird, however as YouTube has been perfectly optimized by Google throughout the past years YouTube videos will still outrank all other videos if all other aspects are the same.

How to rank your video on the first page of Google

As with any ranking effort there are 2 major aspects to consider:


Title: The title is still the most important aspect of on-page SEO you can put as many keywords in it as you like however the closer the keyword is to the front the more importance it will get by both Google and YouTube

Description: The description for a YouTube video counts as on-page SEO just as with any website. The more relevant and keyword specific the content is the higher it will rank. And the more content is in the description the better

Off-page: as with any other URL

Video interaction: This is the part that makes YouTube videos so powerful when it comes to ranking them on the first page of Google for any keywords. Views Likes and comments are all ranking factors! Yes, the more views, likes, channel subscribers and comments your videos has the higher your video will rank in YouTube and Google search.

To recap: All the aspects that will help you rank your video on the top of YouTube search and Google search

On-page SEO: Title and Description

Off-page SEO: social signals and high PR endorsements

Video interaction: Views, Likes, subscribers and comments.