Importance of Google My Business Listing – Top 7 Reasons


As consumers become more tech savvy, businesses need to up their ante and boost their online presence. This becomes even more crucial as marketing stats show that 88% of all local business searches were visited by the consumer within 24 hours from the time of the search. That’s a pretty astounding number considering how 97% of people use the internet to find a local business.

The question however is – why use Google My Business Listings? Here are the top reasons why.

It’s Google!

As of June 2018, 72.47% of all desktop search traffic originated from Google. It’s the search engine of choice for more than 70% of the desktop population and nearly all of the mobile online searchers. It therefore makes sense to use My Business Listings of Google because Google obviously puts preference on their service. Remember, it’s Google that determines the algorithm here, and they can put a heavy premium on Google Business Listings simply because it’s theirs.maps reviews importance google my business listing

Maps and Reviews Show Up

Having your business listed via Google extends to (1) map appearance and (2) review appearance. Being in the map is important seeing as 86% of people actually look up a business location through the map. They’ll check out the street, the close landmarks, and the façade of the business for easy location. This makes it even more likely that they’d visit within 24 hours from the search.

Boosts Your Other Pages

Believe it or not, local searches via Google beat social media local business searches by 300 percent! Sure, people may look you up through Facebook – but they’d always go back to Google because Google gives them concrete information to actually find the place The beauty here is that social media presence and Google business listings aren’t mutually exclusive. You can set up an account for both – or more! This significantly boosts your presence, perhaps even putting you at the top tier of local searches!

Earn a Trustworthy Reputation

My Business Listings offer more than just basic “how to get here” information. They also make it easier for past clients to review your business, add some good comments, and essentially make you look good for future clients. If you do a local search right now for a restaurant, you’d be able to see not just the Top 3 Restaurants in your city of choice but also maps to the place, distance from your current location – and reviews from people. In most cases, it’s that review that convinces people to drop by your site.

You Can Set Up for Specifics

Google My Business Listings is amazingly specific, allowing you to carve your own little niche. The service lets you choose what product you offer whether they’re burgers, coffee, brunch, massages, insurance, travel, and more. In most cases, consumers don’t look for a business name – they look for a service or product and choose from there. This is why the “near me” searches translate to a 50% sale Hence, consumers can look for a “burger place near me” and Google will happily direct the search to you as a close business owner complete with the map, the commute, and even the time/days you’re open.grow business importance google my business listing

First In Line, First to the Prize

Despite all these pros, 56% of local businesses still haven’t claimed their local business listing. Don’t be last in line, especially since the consumer spending power is quickly shifting. As soon as you make the claim, your local business will start to accumulate all the pros, leaving the competition behind.

Learn to Grow Your Business

Finally, there’s the fact that Google My Business Listings have an excellent analytics page with zero expense on your part. Check the Insights page and you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s working for you and what strategies aren’t really offering a return. If you’re a business that’s all over the place with your market – Analytics will tell you what parts to polish.

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