SEO Development – The Changes in the Past Few Years


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a primary concern for businesses that want to stay on top of the market. Unfortunately, it’s a fast-changing field, and failure to acclimatize yourself can easily cost you a percentage of the market. Here are the 2019 SEO developments that are relevant today:

Inverted Pyramid and Readability

Formatting your content for the web is important if you want people to stay once they visit. There are multiple techniques to this, starting with the basic: keeping your information short, using paragraphs, and keeping sentence lengths mixed to pique the interest. Sub headers, bullet points, and numberings also allow for easier reading. You might also want to try out the journaling technique called Inverted Pyramid You put the most newsworthy information at the top, follow it up with important details, and then close it with some background information.

inverted pyramid technique seo development

Optimize the Web Page with A/B Testing

You might want to check out Optimizely which has taken a new approach to SEO. It’s an experimentation platform that teaches you how to design your pages in a user-friendly way. For example, studies show that moving the “BUY” button to the left and turning the button colors to BLUE actually has a positive impact on the buying proclivity of the site visitor. Even small changes to the layout of your page can increase conversions by 300 percent!

Use Google Analytics – and More Google

If Google starts something – make sure to jump into it. Claim your Google My Business Listing, take part in Google Analytics and use services that’s integrated with Google. Case in point is the Optimize service mentioned above. Combining these two services, you’ll be able to better leverage your resources and get informative results to further your SEO strategy. You’ll have a better platform for experiments so that you can uniquely change your approach depending on the industry you’re in.

Technical SEO Strategies

Hire excellent tech people for SEO – the ones capable of manipulating JavaScript and creating Progressive Web Apps The latter is important since more than 90% of searches today originate from phones instead of desktops. You’d want consumers to value your service so much they’d happily put it on their home screen for easy access. Keep it simple but user friendly with an eye towards maximizing loading speed as the new generation now values every precious second.content management system seo development

Content Still Matters

Finally, don’t forget that content still matters. When people finally find you through their search, you’d want them to see something they’d actually like. Hence, take the time to develop good content – hiring only the best when it comes to videos, articles, music, pictures, and deals. The content is what hooks them to come back each time.

Get Ready for Voice Search

It’s not ripe yet – but it’s definitely coming. The age of the Voice Search is here for mobile searches and fairly soon, everyone will be asking rather than typing their needs online. If you want to be at your best by the time this happens, you’ll have to start building the blocks. Take it slow but structured, and you’ll still come out on top of the competition.

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